Month: August 2002


When do we stop being fearless? When I was younger, you couldn’t keep me out of the ocean if I had a chance to swim. We would visit the beach, and I would head straight for the waves,… Read More


We had a crazy storm here today. This morning was beautiful. After church, Lee and I did a little window shopping, and as we came out of the last store, suddenly the sky had darkened. On the way… Read More


I copied Lee and Trent, and finally added something to my “about” page. Enjoy.

Beach Bum

Today has been a really good day. It didn’t start that way though. I had been looking forward to sleeping in – no alarm clock. But at 7:30, just 15 minutes later than my normal alarm-clock time, Millie… Read More


My cat is so evil. Here’s a perfect example. Today, I came home from lunch and was feeling very tired. I was lying down on the couch, relaxing, and she was sitting on the very top of the… Read More

Back Home

Lee and I are back home after a busy, but fun weekend. We went to Atlanta for my brother’s graduation (GO JEFF!). That was fun, and we got to hang out with the family and eat way too… Read More

It’s here!

It’s here! It’s here! Clammy arrived today! I was so excited. I had it delivered to work, and I have been bugging the receptionist about it. I know I was driving her nuts and I’m sure she’s glad… Read More


I am sooooo excited. Lee and I just bought a laptop. It’s one of the Apple ibook graphite clamshells. It’s an open-box return, but sounds like everything is still new and in good condition, so it seems like… Read More

E-Bay is Evil

E-Bay is not for the undecisive. And I am decidedly undecisive. Lee and I are saving for a new computer. We both want laptops. He needs a new one for all the web stuff he does. I just… Read More


I like company. Trent is in town today! He is meeting his folks on Jekyll Island tomorrow, then the whole crew will be coming back here Sunday. Trent will be with us a few days. It’ll be fun…. Read More