Month: October 2002

More Tricks than Treats

Since when did Halloween become all about candy, and not about dressing up? Don’t get me wrong, I always loved the candy. Probably even more than the dressing up. But I still liked wearing a costume, and I… Read More

Fish Fry

I have issues when it comes to eating meat. I’d probably be a vegetarian if I didn’t like meat so much. I have no problem eating a hamburger, but I can’t eat something that looks like what it… Read More


So Lee and I were at a daycare tonight, installing video cameras as part of a web-related heidelDESIGN project. The place was otherwise empty, and I was checking out a camera in one of the infant rooms. There… Read More


On this day, many years ago, the world became a better place. My Grandmother, Georgia Claire Johnson was born. There is a lot I don’t know about her childhood. Her story in my mind began when she was… Read More


I need to vent. I chose to be a journalist because I felt I could use my love for being with people, writing, and public speaking to do something decent in life. I still feel that way. Sometimes… Read More

Pavlov’s Theory

Who needed Pavlov to tell us dogs can be conditioned to certain sounds? Millie demonstrates that nightly. Do not make a sound that could be misconstrued as a “ding” or a “knock.” This will send her into hysterics…. Read More

Thin Blood

I’m so thin blooded. I’m very excited about fall weather, and it finally arrived today. Fall for Savannah anyway. Right now, it’s 63 degrees. I just walked Millie, and as I stood outside in my long sleeved shirt,… Read More


Tonight, in the middle of cooking pasta, our power went out. There was no storm, no major wind event that could’ve foretold the outage, but our side of the street was in the dark. I was immediately thankful… Read More

Bye Bye Wires

This is wonderful. I’m posting this as I sit in a chair in our living room, without any wires. Lee’s new computer came today, as did our airport base station and my airport card – so our internet… Read More

Domestic Goddess

Oh. I hurt. Lee and I just finished dinner, and there was so much food. I used our crockpot for the first time since … ever. I made pork barbecue, and it was really good. There is so… Read More