Month: December 2002


Betty Crocker I am not. I was cooking chili tonight and there was near disaster. I had all the ingredients simmering in a pot on our gas stove. The aroma was wonderful – warm, tantalizing chili spices. I… Read More

Home Again

Lee and I just got back in town from visiting family for the holidays. We had a really good time, despite a rocky start. We were planning to leave as soon as Lee got off work Christmas Eve,… Read More

Special Gift

Sometimes the best Christmas presents are ones others might not understand. That’s what makes them special. They’re just for you, and they show that the giver thinks you are special, too.


It’s after one o’clock on a Monday afternoon and I’m still in pajamas. That can mean only one of two things. A) I am sick. B) I am off work. If you chose B, you picked correctly. How… Read More

Dracula Jr.

I know I shouldn’t gossip, especially about church, but I felt the need to share. Lee and I were in church Sunday, and the children’s choir was performing. There are tons of cute kids as you might expect,… Read More

Judge, Jury, and Executioner

I do not ever need to be a judge. Today, Lee and I judged floats for a 4-H parade in Pembroke. There were 8 floats, and we had to walk around them looking very judge-y with a clipboard,… Read More

Return of the Clam

I got my laptop back today, and I’m so excited. I had been having battery problems. It came to a head last week when I was in the car headed back to work from a story in Brunswick,… Read More

Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

It is done. The Christmas tree is up. Let’s just hope it stays that way. Decorating for Christmas is always much more stressful than I remembered. It’s still fun, but different from the way it was growing up…. Read More

Cruisin’ for a Sales Pitch

I feel slimy and kind of dirty. A few days ago, a telemarketer called Lee and he did a travel survey. They said we would be entered to win a cruise – and guess what? We won. All… Read More

Christmas Relived

Last night and into this morning, I finally edited my video from last Christmas into a movie. Lee got me a great video camera last Christmas, but we didn’t have the right software to edit videos until we… Read More