Month: January 2003


I know it is January. I know it is supposed to be cold in January. But that doesn’t always mean the weather in Savannah will follow that rule. Take, for instance, last Tuesday. It was 70 degrees. But… Read More


It looked less like an office and more like an elementary school classroom at work this morning. Faces were constantly pressed up to the windows providing a view of Victory Drive and the weather. It wasn’t snowing yet,… Read More

Hockey Rules

Lee and I went to a hockey game last night, and it rocked. Every year, Savannah hosts “Rumble in the Rink.” UGA, Tech, UF and FSU all come to town for a two day exhibition tournament. Our civic… Read More


Even when all is quiet, nothing is really quiet. Right now, Lee is working at his computer and I’m playing on mine, and the TV is not on, the radio is not on, and the dog is sleeping…. Read More


My dad just sent me some of his photos from our cruise. I just loved this one. Lee and I were about to head into the ocean but stopped for a kiss – all decked out in our… Read More

Sea Legs

Lee and I just got back home a few hours ago from our cruise. It was a great trip. I was pleased to find out I apparently don’t get sea sick easily, but I’m feeling kind of land-sick…. Read More

Bahama Mama

What a wonderful few days. After a long car ride, we finally arrived in Port Canaveral yesterday and boarded our ship. Cruise ships are huge! It almost seems unreal anything this big and heavy could float me around… Read More

Happy New Year

It’s the first day of 2003, and though I had to work today, the year has started well. I rang it in with my husband and some friends with a dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, then… Read More