All We Are Saying…

…Is give peace a chance.
That song has been in my head.
Things don’t look good for peace. I really hope this can all have a happy ending and everyone goes home and behaves, but I really don’t think that will be the case. Yes, our “terror alert” status has been raised to high, but really, what can I do about that? What good does it do for me to worry? I do worry some, but it’s mostly for friends and family in the military – not for myself. Yet.
I did wonder about the vacation Lee and I are hoping to take this summer to Alaska. Will it be safe to travel by then? But then I thought, Alaska doesn’t seem to be a likely target for a terrorist attack. Well, there is the pipeline, so we’ll stay out of Valdez. Okay, so maybe it’s not completely safe, but really, where is? I’m not going to live in a bunker. Yet.