Funny stuff

I just saw the funniest thing on TV ever.
Lee and I were watching television, and there was a mistake during the commercials. Something got crossed, and you could see the video for one commercial but you were hearing the audio for another commercial.
The first commercial was video from a Friedman’s ad, and audio promoting an upcoming show or something. A couple of highlights were when the happy woman opened a jewelry box, and the voice you heard said, “Unacceptable!” Then at the end of that commercial, as the Friedman’s logo came on screen, the voice said, “What is the price for peace?” Apparently, it’s platinum and sparkly.
Then, the next video you saw was one of those Subway commercials featuring Jared, the guy who lost a billion pounds eating sandwiches. As he shows us a pair of his “fat boy” pants, the voice to another ad for an upcoming show says, “What are the signs telling us?” Then the next shot is of Jared running on the beach, and the voice says, “It paints a portrait of MURDER!”
Oh my goodness. Lee and I laughed and laughed and cried. I couldn’t stop laughing. I still can’t stop laughing.
I guess you had to be there to appreciate it – but believe me, it was really funny.