Get Bit

That’s the motto of the Cape Fear Fire Antz hockey team. Despite having an evil mascot, their jerseys are cool because they have flames.
Lee, his dad, and I went to see the Fire Antz play the Winston-Salem Parrots (what’s with the lame mascots?) playing in Savannah tonight. It was good fun. The place was pretty empty, but we got really good seats. Second row. I thought it was fun to watch the guys get slammed before – now I could make out their faces as they were thrown against the wall. One time the ref got nailed, but he was a good sport, got right back up and kept skating. There was only one real fight, but at least it happened right in front of us. It just cracks me up that the guys are allowed to go at it until one goes down. The refs just stood around, waiting, while they punched at each other. Also good times. So not only have I decided Lee and I must get season tickets if we ever live in a hockey town, we must have first or second row seats.
My throat hurts. Too much yelling.