Baby Shower

Today Lee and I threw a baby shower for our good friend Nikki, who (if you click that link) you can see is very pregnant. She keeps saying that Lee and I have been so good to her during her pregnancy, but I really feel like I’m the fortunate one. I’ve never had a friend have a baby. The whole thing is so cool, and she has let me in on every part of it.
The shower went well, despite the fact I’ve never thrown a shower in my life and had no idea what I was doing. Big thanks to everyone who came for being such good guests. We had fun, and Nikki got some more good loot.
Playing hostess was fun, but I guess it wore me out. We went to pick up Millie after the shower (we took her to stay with some friends because we didn’t want her eating all the shower food off everyone’s plates), and I fell asleep in the car on the way back. They only live 15 minutes away. Then Lee, Millie and I took a three hour nap. Yummy.