Posh Lodging

I can’t help it. I’m getting so excited. Lee and I have been booking our lodging for our Alaskan Adventure. In Anchorage, we’re staying in what looks to be a really cool hotel right on a lake near downtown. Got a good deal. In Seward, we’re staying at a small, bay-front hotel, and we got the swank room. Cathedral ceilings with windows that go all the way up, gas fireplace, etc. Then we’re staying in a riverfront cabin just outside Denali National Park for a few days (still pending reservation confirmation – keeping my fingers crossed they’re not booked up).
I can’t wait. I lay in bed last night thinking, “this time three months from now I’ll be in Seward…”
I did have a weird dream the other night. We were in Alaska, but all the roads were really steep and really scary to drive up. I kept getting scared the car was going to tip over backwards and roll down the mountain. I don’t know what that means – probably has something to do with my fears that the trip won’t live up to my expectations.
But I just can’t stop being excited about it.