Third Time Around

My third St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Savannah began gray and chilly, but that’s just the weather – not a reflection of the weekend itself. Trent and Erin are in town, and last night Dave also came over to hang at our house. Good times were had by all, and though Dave may have beaten me at Yoshi at first, I mounted a marvelous comeback and finished with a win.
My past 2 St. Paddy’s Day weekends felt a lot more like spring. I thought this one would too, but two days ago our beautiful, warm weather moved away and a cold front moved in. Today, we all took Millie to Forsyth Park, and froze our butts off. I don’t know if as many women will be lifting their shirts tonight for the coveted green beads because it’s just too darn cold.
It’s nice having good friends in town. We came back to the house and had hot tea to warm up. Millie is currently sacked out on the couch, sleeping like a dog who has been on an adventure. We’re going to throw some food on the grill in a little bit if it doesn’t start raining.
Tonight, we’ll venture downtown to see the crowds, then probably get puked on and flashed and then we’ll leave. Fun for everyone! Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t get called in to work.