Spring is definitely in the air. Today, it was almost 80 degrees. I got in my car this afternoon and had to crank up the air conditioner. Savannah is so beautiful in the spring. Already, trees are beginning to flower and pink blooms are opening on azalea bushes. In just weeks, this city will be ablaze with color.
Of course, spring does come with a downside. I was down by the Savannah River yesterday, and the sand gnats were beginning to feast on me. They are such evil little bugs. You can barely see them, but they pack a mean bite. A few days ago, they were nowhere to be seen – or felt, rather. But suddenly, they are out in force.
Lee got to go to the beach today, and I was happy for him but jealous, too. I am definitely looking forward to spending some weekends there soon. Just me, my hubby, two chairs, and a book. And some sunscreen. And some bug spray. And or course, anyone else who would like to come play. No jellyfish are invited though.