Sweet Savannah

There are so many things I’ve been thinking and feeling about the war, and I had planned to write about them soon. But today, instead, I’m taking a break from all of that.
Lee and I packed the car with beach chairs and towels this morning and headed for Tybee. It was my first time going since the weather warmed. Even the drive out there was wonderful. On the first bridge to the islands, the creeks and marshes sparkled in the sun as boats glided along the water. Once we got to Tybee, we parked easily and walked over the boardwalks to the beach. When my feet hit the sand, I wondered if it would still have a hint of coolness. Nope, it was pefectly warm sand.
Like an idiot, I only put sunscreen on my face. Tonight, my face is fine. The rest of me, burned. Not too badly, but enough to make me feel stupid for not lathering up. I’m usually a sunscreen advocate, but the warm weather and beautiful waves must’ve gotten to my head.
Lee and I lounged in our chairs for a couple of hours, getting up once to stick our feet in the water. The ocean – unlike the sand, was still very cold.
When we left, the beach had become considerably more crowded. I guess it was just too nice for anyone to stay away. On the way home, we drove through Bonaventure Cemetery to see if the azaleas were in bloom. Immediately, you could see the blanket of pink over the landscape. In a few areas, the flowers were just beginning to come out, but in others, the azaleas were in full bloom. Bright pinks, soft pinks, and whites – though the bright pink blooms far outnumbered the rest. I’m glad, they’re my favorite. We stopped to take a few pictures.
On days like today, it’s easy to fall in love with Savannah all over again. In fact, it would be hard not to. After cleaning up from the beach, we drove to South Carolina for some shopping. On the way, you have to take a huge bridge that crosses the Savannah River right at Riverstreet. The view from the top was amazing – church steeples framed by a bright blue sky, with sun glinting off the river.
Then, of course, I hear on the radio that the forecast is calling for lows in the thirties tomorrow night. But I know it’s temporary. Spring is here. And I plan to enjoy it.