Casserole of Shame

Sometimes, trying a new recipe and cooking something wonderful just makes you feel good.
But sometimes, trying a new recipe and cooking something… well… bad, just makes you feel crappy.
I decided to tackle a new recipe tonight. It didn’t seem that complicated. It’s a lemon pepper chicken with onion and potato recipe. It’s in a book one of Lee’s family members gave us with lots of family recipes. Because it’s not an official cookbook, sometimes things are missing. Important directions. But sometimes, you guess and everything works out in the end.
And sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t yet know the true ending of this story, because it’s still cooking. There are so many reasons why this went badly, but long story short, the potatos are still rock hard, the chicken is almost done, and I chopped off a couple of fingernails trying to peel potatos. Not my fingers, thank goodness, just the nail. An hour and a half since I began preparing this meal, there is still no real end in sight. Just more waiting and watching and wondering what will happen next.
I feel a fast food night coming on.
Finally, at 9:15, we eat. Lee is the first to try the chicken. It feels more like an episode of fear factor. Will he be able to do it? Can he handle the challenge?
He tries to cut a piece of chicken. It proves difficult to cut. He takes a bite. Starts to nod and say, “hmmm. It’s good, sweetie.” Then I tell hiim he’s a bad liar and he starts to laugh. I laugh. I try a piece, and it’s like rubber.
We debate whether or not to eat it or go to Captain D’s. He finally decides with a liberal amount of barbeque sauce, it’s tolerable. Sitting at the table, there is silence as we begin to eat. He takes another bite and says, “It really is pretty good.” There is a pause, then under his breath he whispers, “April fools.”
We get another good laugh. I guess if you’re going to bomb on a recipe, it’s better to have someone who will laugh instead of criticize.
I think it’ll be recipes out of boxes for a while until I get my nerve back.