Havana Club

Lee and I went to Atlanta this weekend for the wedding of two of our friends, Kim and Brian. We visited with my brother, which was great, then went to the wedding. It was very nice, and Kim looked stunning. I’m very happy for them.
Then we stayed with our friend Erica, who was one of the bride’s maids. She took us last night to the Havana Club, a latin bar/dance club. Erica and I share a love of the Spanish language, and she’s recently been teaching me more about latin music and dance. I had never been to a club like this before, but it was just as I imagined it would be. Dark. Loud. Full of energy.
There was a live band, complete with conga drums, trombone, even a cowbell player. Every song was so energetic, and the dance floor was packed with people. The songs were long, but no one seemed to care. There were people dancing everywhere, not just on the dance floor. Couples danced all around the club. And it wasn’t the kind of couple dancing I usually see at clubs, this was a true union of two people following each other’s very technical moves – paying attention to footwork, spinning, etc. While I knew the dances weren’t easy, they made it look like the most natural thing. Like the music just flowed from the instruments and through the dancers.
There was just a very different vibe there. It seemed as though everyone was so intent on dancing and would never stop. Songs changed seamlessly, and people continued dancing. Erica taught us some basic steps, and we joined the throng. The three of us danced and danced. Lee picked up on everything quickly, and I so enjoyed the fact that he was willing to dance. Not just willing, enthusiastic. It was so much fun – and good exercise. Even though we may not have known all the steps, the floor was so crowded I hoped most people couldn’t study my feet.
If there is such a thing as a past life, I hope my past self lived somewhere in Central or South America. There is just something so inviting about the latin beats and the Spanish language. Something right.