My new computer came today. It is so white and shiny and new. The keys on the keyboard have that certain spring, and everything smells of new packaging and wonderful newness. Lee took photos of the unboxing, and I’ll post one soon.
I debated naming my new computer. Are they like goldfish? You name them and they die? I named my last computer, and had some problems with it. But Lee named his computer and it has worked just fine. I decided to name my new computer, because I have a one year warranty and that makes me feel secure.
My new computer’s name is imok. Pronounced EYE-mok. The “i” is in honor of it being an apple ibook. The “mok” comes from Lee. That was what he used to call apples when he was a toddler. He’d point to an apple and say, “mok.” It seems to fit somehow, so imok it is.
Imok seems so much smaller than Clammy. The screen size is the same, but the body of the computer is smaller and lighter. I think this will come in handy at those cramped school board meetings. The battery seems to be charging well. That is a definite plus. I haven’t done anything advanced on it yet, like video editing, but I look forward to it. I think I will only grow to love it more. Clammy was great, but I’m moving on.
I can’t wait to take it to work tomorrow. Imok and I are unstoppable.