I love N.P.R. And were I a rich woman, I might give some of my riches to the network.
It is time once again for the N.P.R. fundraising drive. As soon as I heard the first person say, “Please, go to the phones,” I cringed. I knew that meant a week of enduring desparate pleas in place of quality radio programming.
I understand the concept. The quality radio programming comes with a price. I should feel guilty for listening to all that free radio and not contributing. Shame on me. Shame shame.
I know how they could make trillions. If they could figure out a way to switch your radio from the fundraising annoyances back to regular N.P.R. once you pledged, I’ll bet tons of people would pledge the very first day. Anything to get the radio hosts to stop begging you to pledge.
I feel sorry for them. I mean, how many different ways can you say, “We need money. Please give.” I would prefer they just looped that phrase over and over. Instead, there is this one girl in particular who really drives me nuts. She sounds so desperate. Today on the way home from work, instead of hearing my usual public radio, I hear, “Oh you guys are great! We just need four more calls this hour! Oh Please Please Please! Thank you thank you thank you!” I’m not exaggerating. I guess that’s better than what I hear sometimes. “We have 2 minutes left in this hour, and we just need 80 more pledges. I think we can do it. Please go to the phones. Please.”
I feel bad even writing about it. I know they need their money. I enjoy commercial free programming. I just wish there were some other way to get the money than interrupting the programming I enjoy. Instead of making me open my wallet, it makes me turn the dial.