Vacation Begins

Setting your work email to send automatic out-of-office replies is a good feeling. So is changing your outgoing message on your voicemail to tell people you are finally on vacation. I may not get on the plane until tomorrow, but I left work today a happy girl.
Packing is difficult, especially because I’m not sure what to expect from Alaska’s climate. I’ve been checking the weather forecast for the past 2 weeks, and it has varied from highs in the 60s, to snowing and 31 degrees. And I imagine Alaska’s 50 degrees feels different from Savannah’s 50 degrees. I’m sure we packed too much, but I’m fairly sure there’s something I’ll realize later that I’ve forgotten. But that’s just part of it.
I didn’t forget the film. Or the camera. Or the extra lens. Or the video camera. Or Lee’s digital camera. The picture taking will be out of control. I’m looking forward to it.
I didn’t sleep well last night. I can’t remember what exactly I dreamed, but I know it had to do with our trip. I’ll probably sleep even less tonight, but maybe that means I’ll sleep on the plane.
I think I will miss having this journal when I’m in Alaska. I imagine I will want to write about everything we see. But at the same time, maybe it will be good to just enjoy it, record it in my mind, and spend my time looking at the mountains and rivers instead of a computer screen.
Time to go look at our suitcases again and figure out what else I’ve forgotten.