So far, our trip has been great. Our flights yesterday were fine, on time, and comfortable. I realized that was the first time I’ve flown since 9-11, and discovered a new travel rule. Always wear clean socks with no holes, because you have to go shoe-less through security. That’s okay though, I didn’t mind.
Portland is great. After Anna and Jason picked us up at the airport, they drove us around town to show us the highlights. The city seems so nice and clean with tons of cute shops and restaurants and lots to do. Lots of hippies too. We got to see the war protesters (who’s signs informed me the war is NOT over). We also got to see “critical mass,” a group of bicyclists who ride the streets of Portland on the last Friday of every month, trying to foul up traffic for motorists as a way of protesting car travel and promoting bike travel. The bike cops were riding along and keeping everyone in check, so that was good.
We saw the rose gardens, which were beautiful and smelled wonderful. Roses as far as you could see. Then we had pizza, toured Anna’s station, played Nintendo and crashed.
Today, we’re going to the coast. Then, who knows!
It’s good to be back with Anna and Jason. Seems like we picked up right where we left off.