New Books

hp.jpgI love having a new book. I love the way new books feel, the way they smell. I love the smooth texture of their unbroken spines, knowing by the time I’m done they’ll look worn and ragged and appropriately loved. Today I have two new books. They are really thick, but the kind I know won’t take me long because they’re that good.
I bought the 4th Harry Potter (in paperback finally) and the new 5th Harry Potter book. I read the 4th one more than a year ago, but didn’t own it. I decided I wanted to re-read it before launching into the new one, and it was on sale. The new one was also marked down 40%, so I couldn’t resist. I was worried after the mania wore off, the new one wouldn’t be quite as cheap.
When I read the 4th one last year, I had to get it from the library and was a little embarrased to find myself in the children’s book section. But I’m over it. Yeah, the series is written for kids, but I like the books. Anna does too, so there.
I especially respect Rowling, the author. I think if I were ever a writer, I would write non-fiction. Or if I tried fiction, the characters would likely live a life with which I am familiar. But Rowling has now written 5 books (two of which are very long) about a world she invented completely. She had to make up a whole separate way of life, with new words, new ways of doing ordinary things, new rules, new everything. I know she’s not the first – Lucas and Star Wars is an example. I admire all writers who use their imaginations so fully.
I’m also excited about the buzz surrounding the book. It’s nice to see kids getting so excited over an 800 plus page novel. At the bookstore today, there were a bunch of them in the back, excitedly playing Harry Potter card games and talking about the characters and the book. Sure, part of me looked at their pale faces and wondered, “Shouldn’t you kids be outside, playing?” But if they are going to be inside, at least they’re reading, or talking about reading, or buying a book to read.
I, for one, took my book to the beach to read. The best of both worlds – a book, and the beautiful out-of-doors.