Couples Dating

I’ve noticed an interesting “married” trend. Now that Lee and I have found our life-long companion, lover, and best friend in each other, we now date around for other couple friends. It really does seem like a date sometimes. You meet someone you think you could get along with, and you arrange a time to meet as couples for dinner or an evening out. There are some of the same old questions. Will we all get along? Will we have things in common, things to talk about? Will it be awkward? Will our spouses click?
Tonight, Lee and I had a “date” with another couple. I had never met the spouse, Lee had never met either of them. It went really well. What could’ve been a quick meal turned into a full seven hours of good conversation, food, and drinks.
Dating for couples friends is nice. If it doesn’t work out, I can always go home with Lee and not feel cheated. I still have my life-long companion. But if the foursome gets along well, that’s a great bonus.

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