Checkbook Workout

Today, Lee said those words. “Do you want to go to the gym?” No, I thought. I’d rather lie on the couch and read Seabiscuit.
I tried to come up with a valid excuse as I weighed my answer. Usually it’s too late in the evening. But I got off work a little earlier today. Usually I’m too tired. I really wasn’t very tired today. Too hungry? Not today.
Lee and I have been paying for a gym membership for more than a year now. We used to go fairly regularly (for like 2 weeks), but it has tapered. He goes more often than I do, and I hadn’t gone in a couple months.
I wish just paying for the membership were enough to reap the benefits. My checkbook is the only thing getting a workout.
So I caved, in a huff. We went, and I knew immediately it had been too long. There were full grown flower bushes in the parking lot’s median. They weren’t there before. I remarked about the new fence around the children’s play area. Lee said it had been there since he was 15. He was exaggerating, but it was close enough to the truth.
The workout was okay, I just get so bored. So that’s my real excuse. It bores me. Pretty lame excuse.
But maybe I’ll suck it up and start going again. Right.

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