I did my first ever yoga class today, and I really liked it. I wasn’t necessarily seeking a yoga class, it was the only class offered today at a time I could manage.
At first, it was really intimidating. I walked in a few minutes late, and was surprised by how quiet it was. The instructor had a candle burning behind her, and taped sounds of chirping birds filled the hollow room. I tiptoed to a spot on the floor and hoped no one would notice I was new.
We “practiced” several yoga positions that were great for stretching out every inch of muscle in my body. I think it’s funny that the instructor kept saying we were “practicing” the positions – was there a test later? A competition? Why all the praciticing? I learned quickly that I would like to bring my own mat. Several positions have you lying facedown on the floormat, and mine smelled like feet. Not cool.
We did lots of stretching, then spent a long time just relaxing. Several people brought blankets. I didn’t, but the instructor loaned me an eye pillow filled with scented beads to block out light. We did several techniques to reach total relaxation. It was kind of cheesy, but the instructor was trying to help us find “inner peace.” I don’t know if I found inner peace, but I do know it was great to spend time just being quiet and still. What a novel idea! Even when I’m being quiet and still watching TV, my mind is distracted. But during this class, you’re encouraged to be relaxed and still, but keep your mind active.
I was hoping to go to classes at my gym that would help me get in shape. I don’t know if yoga really burns calories or anything, but I’m convinced it’s worth my time. It’s like you’re treating your body, focusing on yourself for a little while.

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