Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Last night, just as I was falling asleep, Lee whispered, “Look out the window.” I opened my eyes and all I could see was the glaring light that always pours into our window from the neighbor’s house next door. He said, “This is the last night you’ll have to see that.”
Today, our neighbors moved. They decided Savannah was too rough for them, and they wanted to move back up to north Georgia. They wanted to be self-proclaimed white trash, and plan to “get a trailer and live on some acres.” Farewell!
No more late night drunken singing in the backyard. No more early morning shrieking because they can’t find their dog. No more hoards of teenagers cursing in the back alley.
I haven’t met the new neighbor yet, so who knows, I guess he could be worse. Maybe he’ll leave his lights on all night too. But I choose to be optimistic, and hope that the new neighbor fits in better with our other neighbors: kind, watchful, and quiet.

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