Partly to Mostly Cloudy

I think my life is cloudy right now. I’m very lucky that most of the time, I have a sunny life. But sometimes there are things that weigh on you in a way that seems heavy and gray. Like a nasty cloud.
It’s not all bad. There are still plenty of times when the winds shift and clouds move and the sunshine peeks through. When I open a door to see Lee smiling at me from the other side. When I pick up a phone and hear a loved one’s voice on the other end. A hockey game. A dinner and drinks.
It may sound morbid, but really it’s not. I know there are so many good things in my life they far outweigh the bad. It’s not so cloudy that I’ve forgotten that the glorious sun is still shining up there. But I’m ready for the gray to be blown away and to have my sunny skies back. I just wish someone could give me a forecast and tell me how long the clouds will last.

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