MMMM… massage

When I opened our Christmas gift from Nikki and Andrew in December, I literally gasped I was so excited. It was a gift certificate for a “couple’s massage” at one of our local spas. I’ve only had a massage once before, and thought it was such a delicious treat.
Lee and I finally redeemed our gift certificate this weekend, and it was wonderful. Amusing, too. All the way there, I kept trying to convince Lee that although we were getting a “couple’s massage,” we were not going to the Happy Spa and it wasn’t anything kinky. I figured we’d just both get a massage in the same room. Lee was afraid that instead of getting a professional massage, a “couple’s massage” meant they taught you how to massage each other.
Shortly after we arrived, a man and a woman called us back for our massages, and we walked down the hallway when abruptly the man motioned for me to go into one room and Lee the other. We were separated! I was fine, but I knew Lee was a little unsure about the experience. And why did they give me the guy and him the girl?
I got settled on the table under the sheet, and the guy came in to begin. At first, it was hard to relax with the male masseuse because everytime he touched my thigh my brain yelled, “Bad touch! Bad touch!” I was quite surprised when he massaged my butt, too. But then I reminded myself that this was his job, and I was in a clinical environment.
Once I got that straight in my head, the massage was very enjoyable. The foot massage and neck massage were the BEST. I felt great when it was over.
When we got in the car, I asked Lee how he liked it. He said he enjoyed it a lot. I think it was good for his back, which often aches. But he felt cheated when I asked him if he thought it was weird when they massaged your butt, because he didn’t get a butt massage.
Great experience. We’ll have to do it again.

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