Envy No More

We got to see plenty of snow on the drive up to Tennessee. When we stopped for lunch in South Carolina, the snow was still several inches deep. But the longer we drove the warmer it grew, and by the time we got to Tennessee the snow was all but gone. There were about 3 patches of snow in my parent’s yard. I threw the world’s smallest snowball and built a very tiny snow woman named Maxine. Then it all melted.
Today the weather couldn’t have been more different from the last time I wrote. Upper 70s. Sunny. May hit 80 degrees tomorrow.
I knew it was going to be warm, but when I stepped outside this morning I literally stopped in my tracks. It felt so wonderful. As I put Millie in her yard, I was jealous I couldn’t spend the day lying in the grass with her.
When I came home at lunch, I toyed with the idea of faking the quick on-set of an illness so I could play hookey. Instead, I dutifully went to a government meeting and tried not to nod off – wishing for a window so I could at least look out onto one of Savannah’s parks.
My mind also traveled to Athens. I remember being in college when the weather began to warm. If I had an hour between classes, I’d stretch out on the grass of the north campus quad and pretend to read, while actually napping or just people watching. Bodies would be scattered all over the grass like something horrible had happened – but really everyone was just soaking up the sun. Sometimes I wish I could take a break on a pretty day like today and run over to Daffin Park and stretch out in the grass. Except, I walk Millie there, and I’ve seen how much poop is in the grass. I’ll keep dreaming instead.

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