How can a movie be so funny and frustrating at the same time? So clever, yet so STUPID?
Lee and I went to see the movie “Eurotrip” tonight. Despite my frustrations, I highly recommend this movie if you just need a good, silly laugh. And you don’t mind lots of male nudity. The all male nude beach scene was a bit bizarre.
There were so many funny parts. Laugh out loud funny parts. And I loved the montages between scenes. When the travelers moved from one country to another, there was always a funny montage of pictures and music and graphics. Something you don’t often see.
I am usually willing to suspend my disbelief. But my disbelief refused to be suspended at one point. In a drunken stupor, the main character sent a stupid email to his love interest in Germany. When he realized his mistake, he tried to send her an apology, but she blocked his email. So the guy realizes the only way he’ll ever get in touch with said love interest is to travel to Berlin. Tomorrow.
What? Couldn’t he just send an email to her address from a friend’s account? Couldn’t he just sign up for a new address – like AMERICANIDIOT22348@YAHOO.COM?
But oh no. He had to forego his summer job. He had to travel around the world to find this girl because in this information age there is no other way to effectively deal with a blocked email account. Then when he and his friend are in the airport the next day, he asks his buddy, “How are we going to get to Berlin?” First, you should ask that before you show up at the airport. Secondly, if you’re at the airport, my guess is you’re FLYING to Berlin.
But really, despite those grave moments of stupidity, the movie was funny. And I have a feeling it’s the kind that will grow funnier with each viewing.

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