Birthday Surprises

Birthday Boy.jpg
Saturday was Lee’s birthday, and what a very good birthday it was. The celebration began Friday when Erica came to town and surprised him. Then Saturday, Dave and Erin drove up from Miami and surprised him as well. It was great to see everyone and spend quality time together.
Saturday night, we went to Tango for dinner and a traditional birthday creme brulee with festive sparkler. I think Tango has great food, but I also enjoy their presentation. For example, the creme brulee is scorched at your table, and not only do you get the dessert itself – but glazes are drizzled all over the plate and fresh fruits and even small flowers are scattered around the dish. I love it when Lee orders the “Rasta Pasta,” because it comes with a tortilla shaped as a rooster, or at least that’s what I think it is:
Rasta Pasta.JPG
Very cute, whatever it may be.
After dinner, we went to the Tybee Pier. It was a beautiful night and the moon was bright and full. It sparkled off the water, and the rolling waves made the bits of light dance and move and constantly change. It looked more like a fireworks show than a reflection. Just beautiful.
Then, we headed to the Marshall House bar for some cocktails and people-watching. Sunday, Alva finished off the weekend of surprises by coming to visit. It felt so good to have everyone together like that, and it all went by too quickly. I think we should make it a tradition.

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