Bienvenidos A Miami

Lee and I are in Miami this weekend visiting Dave and Erin. I’d never been to Miami before, and within the first 2 hours, one of my Miami stereotypes was confirmed – another was shattered.
Everything is indeed brightly colored. We first noticed as we drove in on I-95. There was a series of overpasses, and each had a different colored underpinning. One was blue. Another was red. A yellow one. A pink one. Wow.
The architecture here looks a lot like I thought it would. Lots of green landscaping and palm trees. Lots of Spanish tile. Lots and lots of easter egg colors. I really like it, but it’s definitely Miami. You couldn’t get away with it everywhere.
But I discovered one stereotype was false – that all the people are glamorous and beautiful. Really, I knew it wasn’t true, but I still had that perception. However, tonight I saw a ton of plump people wearing outrageously skimpy clothing. Ewww.
Tomorrow, we’re headed to the Keys. Tomorrow night we’ll have some Cuban food and do some latin dancing. Fun! But best of all, it’s great to be together with everyone again – no matter where we are.

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