He’s a Winner

I had to work today, which kind of sucked. But when I walked in the door of my house at the end of the day, I was greeted by the aroma of dinner sizzling on the stove. The living room was clean, the dining room table was free of clutter and sitting on top of the table was a vase full of fresh flowers.
In the kitchen, Lee was hard at work cooking dinner. Skillet rice, seasoned pork chops, salad. Nearby, a batch of chocolate chip cookies cooled on the counter. A peek into the backyard revealed freshly mown grass. Laundry was tumbling in the dryer.
Okay! Okay! You win the home husband award!
Lee and I have always argued amicably over which of us would get rich first, each hoping the other would so we could be the one to stay at home. I must admit, it was very nice to come home from work today with so much of the house in perfect order – although I’m always happy to come home to Lee. That’s the best part anyday. I’d come home to him in a trash heap.

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