So Long Good Friends

Sipping margaritas next to the ocean was nice, but the company was even nicer. Lee and I went to dinner last night with Michelle and Brian, and although it was a fun evening, there was a note of sadness. They’re moving on, and left today for Saint Louis and new adventures. I consider myself lucky to have their friendship, and even though they won’t be near I hope we’ll be close.
Lee and I adore Savannah and the life we have built here, but it is hard to see so many friends come and go. Two years ago, Anna and Jason moved across country. Last year, Dave left for Miami. Now Michelle and Brian. Soon, our friends Jamie and Cameron will leave too. I miss them all- but I guess the upside is that no matter where I go in the country, I’ll likely have a friend nearby. Except Texas. Someone – other than Lee and me – needs to move to Texas.

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