My Tambourine Man

A one-of-a-kind dad deserves an equally unique present on Father’s Day. No tie would do this year. Dad didn’t need a noose around his neck to remind him of work. He needed something to celebrate his free spirit. And that could only have been a tambourine.
The yearly Chicago concert is coming up at Chastain Park in Atlanta. As I’ve written before, my father tosses inhibitions aside at this event, dancing and singing and thorougly enjoying the show.
He also recently began bringing to the show a small tambourine that he snuck out of the pre-school supply closet at church. Dismayed that the current band does not include a tambourine player, he dutifully learned all the tambourine arrangements and happily plays them from his seat.
This year, he will not have to borrow from the supply closet. He now has a genuine tambourine which, thanks to Lee’s handywork, bears the Chicago logo. After the concert, it will also bear the autographs of the current members. But this gift will not then go into a frame to be displayed and kept pristine. I have a feeling this tambourine will one day be scratched and worn from many rowdy concerts – as it should be.
I am thankful for so many things about my father, and not just on Father’s Day. I am very thankful that I have the kind of father who will play his tambourine, sing and dance, and include me in his merry-making. I am a lucky girl.

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