Month: July 2004

The Blank Page Syndrome

I want to write something. I really enjoy writing this journal, but I also want to write something else. Something longer. Fiction? Maybe. Magazine-style nonfiction? I’m not sure. I don’t know where or how to begin. I’m pretty… Read More

Fruit is NOT bad

I ate a banana today. It was glorious. But – sigh- according to my diet, it was also an illegal maneuver. I cheated. And I ate grapes, too. And they made me happy. Day 5 – the day… Read More

Dieting in Candyland

It is Day 4. Dieting still sucks. Even if I were to sit at home alone, with no outside influences, dieting would be difficult. But the last few days, cruel forces have been conspiring to make me cheat…. Read More

Day 2: Dieting Sucks

All I can think about is food. That’s partly because I spend most of my free time cooking since we have to eat such specific foods that don’t come pre-packaged. That’s also because I’m dieting. Any time I’ve… Read More

Last Meal

Tomorrow, Lee and I are starting a diet. Tonight, I did enough damage that it will take weeks of dieting to get back to what I weighed before this evening’s sand gnats baseball game. I saw tonight as… Read More

Blackberry Longings

I remember red Georgia dust beneath my shoes as I clutched a basket, leaned over and plucked ripe, juicy blackberries from the bushes on the side of the road. I recalled this memory after reading my friend Anna’s… Read More

Blessed Reprieve

Right now, I’m sitting in my porch swing, watching the flowers in the pot next to the door move in the breeze. It is such a wonderful, wondeful breeze. But first, I must begin at the beginning. Yesterday… Read More

Rally Around the Tambourine Man

In a sea of seated people there was a man. A man standing with a tambourine. This man was my father. Long before the crowd at the Chicago concert had enough alcohol in their veins to have them… Read More

Regarding Ricky

I walked to my car after work one recent day, and opened the passenger’s side door to put my computer bag in the seat, when I saw something that made me freeze in place. My breath caught in… Read More


This is how has looked for what seems like ages now. When I check the local forecast, a little rain cloud is usually what I see. Sometimes there’s a streak of lightening in it, too. Last month,… Read More