Erin and Dave

erin and dave.jpg
Lee and I love throwing parties, and if we’re in the hosting mood, nearly any occasion is reason to invite people to our home. But last weekend, we had a very special reason to celebrate.
Earlier this summer, Erin and Dave got engaged. I’m excited for a lot of reasons – most of all, because they make each other happy and are in love. But I’m also excited for our families. Erin and I have been close for a long time. Lee and I became good friends with Dave before he and Erin were even an item. I think our families have lots of good times ahead.
Not only did we raise a (mojito) glass to their upcoming marriage this weekend, we also got to hear more about their plans. They finalized the date and booked the location. They scouted squares for the perfect dinner spot. They even stumbled across their photographer strolling down Broughton Street. Then Erin flew home a day early to start a new job – one that sounds like a great fit. Things really seem to be falling into place for them, and that’s a reason to party.