Washington DC is great, but Virginia tried to steal my wallet

Lee and I are resting in our hotel room, putting up our aching feet after a full morning and afternoon in Washington, DC. I love being on vacation.
I love being on vacation so much, that we left home a day early. We were supposed to head up here Thursday, but Wednesday night we decided to start the drive. We made it four hours of the supposed-to-be-8 or 9 hour drive and stopped to sleep. Thursday, we hit the road again, but it took us another 6 and a half hours to get here. Party because of weather. Partly because of traffic. Partly because Virginia tried to steal my wallet.
Lee and I had stopped in Virginia to eat and get gas(oline). When we got back on the interstate, just as I was merging with traffic, Lee nonchalantly said “Something just flew off the hood of the car. That was weird. It was like a leaf or something…”
I tried to think of what it could’ve been, in case it was important. That’s when I remembered placing my wallet on the hood of the car when I stooped to put some air in the tire. My wallet had just flown off the car. With my ID, my credit cards – especially disturbing because our reservations were in my name.
We turned around in the median, exited, then got back on the interstate. I was worried we wouldn’t spot it, but as we merged, Lee saw it in the exit lane (he has great eyes). I pulled over, and he valiantly dashed into traffic to grab it. My credit cards weren’t inside, but he found them scattered along the side of the road. We recovered everything important, including my Moe’s punch card (2 more burritos and I get a free one). My cards are bent and my wallet got run over a few times and the 7 dollars inside blew away, but I’m just glad we got it back.
Last night was a washout when the remnants of Tropical Storm Bonnie blew through, but we found a nice place to eat at Union Station and enjoyed a drink in the hotel bar. This morning began wet and cloudy, so we toured the Hirshhorn Museum and the Capitol building. Then, the sun came out and we went to the zoo. Lots of panda and tiger action. Very cool.
Tonight, we plan to tour the monuments (we heard they’re cool all lit up in the evening), and tomorrow, we’ll tour more museums. Tomorrow night, we see Prince in concert. Should be lots of fun.
Meanwhile, Hurricane Charley is headed near Savannah. I don’t want a hurricane to come to Savannah, but if it had to come, I just wish Charley had waited until my schedule was clear and I was working. How inconsiderate. Oh well, I’m very happy to be on vacation, and am probably feeling a lot more relaxed than my coworkers.