Waiting and Watching

Right now, I’m glad Lee and I made the decision not to buy plywood. It looks like Frances will stay well south of us, and we may not even see any effects – though it’s too soon to rule out rain and a little wind.
I’m still obssesively checking weather reports and forecasts, mostly because Dave and Erin could be affected, and partly because I’ve watched this hurricane so closely, I want to see it through.
Poor Erin. I feel really badly for her right now. She left Miami this morning after the mandatory evacuation was issued. She hit the road about 11 a.m. for a drive that usually takes 7 hours. It’s now 9:30 p.m., and she’s not even halfway there. I’m worried about her and wish I could help her, but there’s absolutely nothing I can do short of learn to fly and get a chopper and pluck her off the interstate.
Lee and I attended our last Sand Gnats game of the season tonight. We really enjoy going to the games, and I hate to see the season end. Even at the game, there were reminders of Hurricane Frances. I was getting our dinner at the concession stand and heard the weather channel’s hurricane coverage music and thought I was hallucinating. I’ve heard that music a lot lately. Then I realized the televisions in the stadium were tuned to the weather channel and several people were watching for the next update.
I guess we’re all a little on edge. Even though it won’t likely hit us, it’s an uneasy reminder that living at the beach does have one disadvantage. But hey, the advantages are still pretty sweet.