The Plywood Gamble

Lee and I were prepared to buy plywood today, just in case. Lee measured the windows, and even went to Scotty’s to check out their stock. That’s also when we found out how much a piece of plywood costs.
I don’t want to make a stupid decision. Is it stupid to spend 300-400 dollars to board up our house when there’s no certainty a hurricane is coming? Is it stupid not to spend a few hundred dollars if it could spare us thousands of dollars in damages? If we end up buying plywood but we wait until the last minute, will we feel stupid standing in line for 5 hours at Home Depot when we really need to be packing up so Lee can head out?
After a lot of debate, we finally decided to wait at least one more day. I really don’t want to spend the 400 bucks and the time it will take to board up our home. But if the track shifts and it looks more like we could be in the path, then maybe it’ll make it easier for me to part with the money.
As we debated, we decided to pop on over to visit someone who’s been through it before. We sat on the Clanton’s couch for a while tonight talking about the hurricane. Mr. Clanton has lived on this street all his life (since the late 1920s), and has seen several hurricanes blow through. He’s ridden them all out, never evacuating. It was comforting to see him point to our house across the street and hear him say, “That house has seen many hurricanes, and it stood through them all.” Let’s just hope it keeps standing no matter what!