And Another Storm Forms

I’m beginning to feel weather weary. Yes, the girl who loves weather stories is beginning to tire of them. That doesn’t mean I’m not still watching. I’m tuned into the weather channel right now, watching the Destin area – one of my favorite vacation destinations – get pummeled by Ivan.
And as it has seemed with every hurricane this season, as soon as Savannah finds out we’re out of serious danger with a storm, another one starts churning in the Atlantic. Now we have to watch Jeanne. She doesn’t sound like a monster with a name like Jeanne, but you never know.
I’m surprised I haven’t heard the conspiracy theories yet. With so much tropical activity back-to-back, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone out there thought the terrorists were behind it. They’d somehow figured out how to manipulate the atmosphere and send storms our way. Or maybe it’s the media. If there’s always a storm brewing, the media can hope more people will tune in.
Whatever the cause, enough already!