Taking a Stand… Literally

There is a pot on my front porch. In it are some beautiful plants. If they could talk, they could tell me more about the criminal who boldly took what was not his/hers Friday.
A few months ago, Lee and I bought an iron plant stand. We placed it to the right of the front door, and put the plants on top. They helped create an attractive entry to invite people inside our home.
When Lee got home from work Friday, the plants were still there. The pot was sitting on the floor of the porch. The stand was missing. Stolen.
In reality, the stand was not expensive and can easily be replaced. But I’m mad at the idea – that someone would wander up onto my porch in broad daylight and walk off with our plant stand. Who just waltzes down the street with an iron plant stand? Who would want our iron plant stand that badly?
Our stone Uga still fllanks the left side of the door. His glassy eyes saw the crime, but he’s not talking. I hope no one decides to take him next. Or our bench. Or our swing. Lee asked Mr. Clanton if he’d seen anyone on our porch. He hadn’t, but had similar stories to tell. Someone took four ferns and 2 plant stands from him a while ago.
Who are these people?