Goodbye Claws

This time tomorrow, Luca will no longer have front claws. I have mixed feelings about that.
I feel sorry for her. I know it will be hard to leave her at the vet’s office tomorrow, knowing she will go through a painful, life-altering surgery that I chose to put her through.
On the other hand, I’m already looking forward to playing with her without fears of getting mauled. I’m looking forward to a new couch one day that doesn’t double as a scratching post.
As I was wrestling with the decision – to call the vet or not to call? – my friend Andy sent me an email telling me about his girlfriend’s recent experience with declawing her cat. She had the same fears, but the cat did very well and the owner is quite happy with the results. That same evening, Luca attacked me for no reason. That sealed the deal.
Tonight, I looked at her sitting on the couch and decided we’d have a talk. I’d pick her up, hug her, tell her I loved her and that I was sorry she was going to have to have surgery. When I reached for her, she turned around and bit me. She’s so ornery. But – sigh- I still feel sorry for her.