I guess I’m oficially used to the southern heat, because today it must’ve been in the 60s, and I actually shivered. True, there was a cool breeze blowing across all the hairs on my arm as they stood tall and goose-pimply, but I was a little embarrassed about the shivering.
I was visiting a school about an hour and half away, and it is a bit cooler the farther you are from the coast. When I got out of the car, I couldn’t believe how cool it was. I stood there, holding a paper program someone handed to me, and as I read it, I realized the paper was shaking. Because my hand was shaking. I wanted a jacket, and it’s only September.
But I’m not complaining. The cool air feels wonderful, it was just a bit of a shock. Here in the south, we do things slowly. Including change seasons. But suddenly, here we are, feeling fall weather.
It could very well be a tease, and the 90+ degree temps could return. But for now, I’m very excited that our forecast calls for a stretch of sun and mildly cool weather. After all the hurricanes and rain and on and on, it’s a welcome change.
Of course, Tropical Storm Lisa is supposed to turn into a hurricane soon. I wish she’d follow Jeanne’s path – looping around like a drunk dog chasing it’s tail. Here’s hoping.