Month: October 2004

Polling and Apathy

Do I want to know right now who will be our next president? Yes. Do I think polls are a good idea? I don’t know. While many nation-wide polls still show a close race if not a dead… Read More

Understanding the Millie Mind

Millie, can you please explain to me why you do figure eights in the backyard, repeatedly sniffing the same four places before deciding on the perfect spot to use the bathroom? I know this is not a unique… Read More

Something for Everyone

One of the reasons Lee and I love Savannah is that there are lots of fun things to do in the city. For example, last weekend we enjoyed Picnic in the Park, a chance for folks to bring… Read More

Too Young for Grey

A few weeks ago, I saw one and plucked it from my scalp. Then, a few days later, I saw more. Tonight, I could swear they’re everywhere. Grey hairs. I thought I was too young to go grey,… Read More

Debated Out

The night of the first presidential debate, Lee and I sat on the couch with anticipation, tuned in early, and watched every bit of the 90 minutes. It was exciting and interesting and important. We watched the vice… Read More

Hitting the Target

The first time I saw the red target symbol appear on the southside, I got very excited. It was on a sign for the construction entrance to the new Target store – the first one in Savannah. Lee… Read More

The Clinch Mountain Lookout

It was Sunday afternoon, and Mom, Dad, and I decided to spend the beautiful day driving up into the northern Tennessee mountains (Lee was in Cincinnati, and was sorely missed!). We were pretty hungry when we left the… Read More