Polling and Apathy

Do I want to know right now who will be our next president? Yes. Do I think polls are a good idea? I don’t know.
While many nation-wide polls still show a close race if not a dead heat, I am bothered by the idea of non-swing states. My state isn’t a swing state, so not only are the politicians not campaigning here, I feel like my vote doesn’t really count as much. If the political pundits have already decided who will get my state’s electoral votes, why should I even bother to show up at the polls?
Because it’s important. Because even if my voice will be drowned out by so many others and my candidate will lose in my state, I need to feel that as an American I spoke up. I worry that calling my state before the polls even open will discourage other voters, but I can’t control that. I can only control what I do, and I will be there Tuesday.