Intelligent Voting

I feel tomorrow will be one of the most important elections I’ve faced since I became a registered voter. I believe everyone should vote. Even if someone else’s vote will cancel out my vote, I think they should cast that vote. What bugs me is when someone expresses their opinion about a preferred candidate, and it’s based on something completely ridiculous. I heard someone say today that he wouldn’t vote for a particular candidate because he didn’t like the shape of his face. What can that possibly have to do with policital abilities or leadership? Or character? Or ethics? Or anything other than unfortunate genetics?
I think people should vote democrat or republican or green party or write in a candidate because that person or party is the best choice for them and – in their opinion – for the country. I admit, I like getting my “I voted” badge, but I hope people go to the polls for bigger reasons than getting a peach sticker and feeling good about voting, even if they know nothing about the races and people involved.