Pimp My Ride

To quote Xzibit on MTV, “I’ve been pimped, daddy.”
I had to work a night shift Thursday, so Lee and I decided that left our morning free for more exciting things like buying a car. Even though the Volvo dealership wouldn’t come down to the price I wanted, I finally caved and decided I really really wanted this car.
I blew my old car a kiss, and really haven’t missed it. It is so much fun to drive my new car (still trying to think of a name). It’s the small things sometimes – like when I use my power windows to punch in my keycode at the gate at work. Playing a CD. Setting the cruise control. Turning on the AC without fear of toxic fumes.
It’s also nice to have a sunroof and soft leather seats. I went to the grocery store and could actually use my trunk for groceries – the grandammit had issues with leaks. I didn’t take the bag boy up on his offer to take out my groceries, but if I had, I would’ve been proud to point and say, “that’s my car right over there.”
Let’s compare:
Old car-
New Car-
(getting cusotmized)
I think that’s a nice upgrade. My old car served me well, and since I actually plan to take care of this new car, I think it will serve me well for ten years or more, too.
Time to go make up an excuse to go drive somewhere.