The Christmas Tree Mission

The tree is standing. It is decorated. No one was harmed.
I love getting our Christmas tree every year. Lee, however, has had some unfortunate incidents with the tree (like being stuck holding up a wet tree for an hour while I went to buy a new stand because our old one leaked) and I believe he looks forward to the experience with a mixture of joy and dread.
Our first Christmas, I picked a tree that was way too tall. Our second Christmas we did better, but last year we waited too late and got a scrawny tree. This Christmas, I vowed not to choose one that was too tall. So instead, we got a very “healthy” tree. Plump. Okay, it’s fat. Really fat. It completely overtakes one part of our living room.
But despite the tree’s large circumference, the choosing, transporting, placing, and decorating went very well (except for the scratches I put in our hardwood floors when I was moving furniture, but we won’t mention that.).
The tree is helping me get in the Christmas mood, although I’m not sure by her expression if Millie is feeling the spirit: