So Proud of Him

When the alarm went off this morning, I was the one who had to turn it off. Usually Lee is up before me, and wakes me up. Then he’s out the door and off to a job that bores him and makes him miserable.
But not today. We got up together, and when I left for work, he sat down at his computer to begin a new venture. It was his first day working from home full-time.
I know he’s nervous because starting your own business is full of uncertainties – but I believe he will be successful. He’s talented, creative, smart, driven, professional, and a great kisser. Granted, I don’t think the kissing will factor in to the success of his web design business, but it’s still a great asset.
I’m very proud of him for taking such a big leap. Whether he rakes in millions or hundreds, I think tackling a dream is worth more.