From Cozumel to Detox

After many days of travel, it’s good to be home. But looking at that picture makes me want to be back on that beach again.
Lee and I just got back today from a whirlwind of trips. A trip to Fitzgerald for Christmas, to Moultrie for Christmas, to Macon for Christmas, back to Fitzgerald for a day, to Savannah, to Tampa, to Cozumel in Mexico, to Tampa, to Fitzgerald, and now we’re back in Savannah.
Christmas was very good to me – I got a ton of great gifts and got to see family. Then over New Year’s, Lee and I went on a cruise to Cozumel with my parents, my brother, and his fiancee.
A lot of time on the ship was spent lounging in the chairs next to the pool, where I devoured two books. A lot of food was devoured too – and drinks. I feel like I need to spend the next few weeks in detox, drinking water and eating lettuce to make up for the way we ate and drank on vacation.
Our day in Cozumel was wonderful. We paid to get into this beach resort where all the food and drinks were included. We relaxed next to such beautiful water, and snorkeled around wonderfully colorful fish. There was a floating trampoline in the ocean which was lots of fun, and an inflatable rock climbing wall. Once you got to the top, you slid down the other side into the ocean. It wasn’t easy, but was a blast. There was a mini-zoo there, too, with a baby monkey. Very cute.
That night, we went into town for a drink at a place not known for its quiet serenity. Senor Frog’s is probably every high school spring breaker’s dream – with lots of loud music, black lights, and booze. We grabbed a few margaritas, and soon a waitress came over blowing a whistle and holding a bottle full of some fruity concotion. She proceeded to pour a shot and approach my father. We encouraged her, and despite his protests she got him to drink it. But we didn’t expect what followed. She blew on her whistle some more so that everyone was watching, then proceeded to feel him up. She grabbed his shirt and started to hoist it over his head before he grabbed it and pulled it back down. Then she came over to me … and let’s just say I was fondled inappropriately. While it was shocking, it wasn’t nearly as shocking as watching her sexually assault my father. But it sure made for some good laughs.
Now we’re back home, doing laundry and unpacking. While I’m not looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow, I’ve had a nice, long break, and I can’t complain about that.