Zoo Fabulous

Last weekend Lee and I visited my parents in Tennessee. It was nice to take a road trip, but most of all, it was nice to see my folks again.
We had hoped for snow, but since we didn’t get that we got the next best thing – plenty of sunshine. If it’s not going to snow, I’d much rather sun than just a cold rain. Friday we ate at one of my favorite restaurants and saw Miss Saigon.
Then Saturday we visited the Knoxville Zoo. None of us had ever been before, and we were all impressed. They had lots of neat exhibits – and as usual, I was snapping away with my camera. I got the pics developed Monday, and there were some great shots. These are five of my favorites.
A crazy meerkat clawing at me:
A camel making a rude face:
Zebras, and another rude face:
A lazy sloth (is there any other kind?):
And a snoozing tiger:
But for some reason, when I showed my photos to friends at work, several people said this one was their favorite. I was honestly just trying to get a photo of two meerkats playing -but I’m not sure they were playing. That’s some National Geographic stuff going on.
Anyway. We had a good time and it flew by much too quickly. And of course, we left on Sunday and it started snowing Monday. But that’s okay – maybe we’ll catch it next winter.