It’s His Birthday!

It is beautiful outside. Warm. Sunny. Tulips are blooming in the squares, and some azalea blossoms are already beginning to show their faces. But best of all, it’s Lee’s birthday. I’m glad nature cooperated to make this special day a beautiful one, too.
Today we may watch a movie, play putt-putt, go shopping, eat at Bellas, and just celebrate the day such a sweet soul was born.
It has already been a good weekend. Alva came to visit, and we spent hours yesterday wandering around the historic district. City workers are beginning to dress the town up for St. Patrick’s Day. Flowers are being planted in the squares, and color is beginning to wash over downtown. Lee and I took about 2 dozen picutres, and could’ve kept taking more. And spring isn’t even here yet. This is really when Savannah shines.
And I’m happy to share this town and this life with such a sweet husband. Happy Birthday to Lee!